Soft Tissue Surgery

We currently offer the following referral soft tissue procedures:

Please note: while we do our utmost to include costs for all circumstances, our prices do not include unexpected post-operative complications such as (but not limited to), self-trauma to the surgical site and post-operative wound infection. And/or, any matters arising from non-compliance with post-operative advice.

certified surgeons

With both in-house and visiting certified surgeons, we can offer a wide range of soft tissue surgeries at Oakhill. As a relatively small practice in the heart of The Lake District, we are uniquely placed to offer a gold-standard surgical referral service, without the significant costs of running a multi-disciplinary referral hospital.

We are passionate that these highly skilled procedures should be accessible to the majority of pet owners. Our aim is to make referral procedures affordable; our ‘All Inclusive’ prices are typically 20-40% below the national average (price comparison April 2020). Rest assured though, our affordability by no means compromises our service.

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We strive to ensure our soft tissue surgeries are ‘all inclusive’ and so INCLUDE the following:

  • Pre-anaesthetic blood screen
  • Hospitalisation (up to two nights total in the 24-hour pre/post-op period)
  • Intravenous fluids during the anaesthetic and surgery
  • General Anaesthesia / Sedation
  • Surgery (including implants, if required)
  • Post-operative medication (for up to three weeks)
  • 24-hour post-operative laser / ice therapy / physiotherapy (as required)
  • 7-10 days post-operative re-examination (as required)