Repeat Prescriptions

You may have been advised that your pet is likely to need on-going medication.

Regulations relating to the supply of prescription medications by veterinary surgeons are enforced by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). These guidelines apply to all controlled medications, including some topically applied products such as antibiotic ear drops and steroid skin creams. These regulations have been formulated to ensure that vets act in the best interest of animals to ensure that their health and welfare are the main priorities.

In order for us to satisfy the VMD and provide ongoing supplies of your pet’s medicines, we have to ensure that he/she is properly under our care. This, in practice, means that your pet’s health and weight must be intermittently, but regularly reassessed. An examination every few months will usually be required, with a maximum period of 6 months. The timing will depend on your animals individual condition after each assessment is made.


Practice Policy

A veterinary surgeon must authorise any repeat prescription requests for POM-V medications. As such at least one working day notice is required.

Animals requiring long-term medications must have routine check-ups every 6 months as a minimum. They may require laboratory tests at such times in line with recommendations by the pharmaceutical manufacturer or clinician. The only exception to the 6-month checks is for routine flea and worm vet checks which are every 12 months

For schedule 2 or 3 controlled drugs a maximum of one months medication can be supplied. Other medication may be prescribed in larger quantities for up to 3 months at the vets discretion.


Written Prescriptions

Written prescriptions may be requested from the practice for a fee of £22.50 per item.

The practice will complete your prescription request and send the prescription direct to the pharmacy of your choice. Please ensure you provide the name of the online pharmacy you wish to purchase from and any order number they provide you with.

Prescription validity refers to the time in which the medicine must be dispensed, otherwise the prescription will no longer be valid.

A written prescription for a POM-V is valid for 6 months(unless a shorter period is stated).

A written prescription for a schedule 2 or 3 controlled drug has a validity of 28 days(unless a shorter period is stated) and is not repeatable.