Referral Information for Vets

Our advice and support for other vets

Oakhill appreciate that you are at the heart of your community, no one knows your patients and clients better than you. However, there are times you may need additional trusted support or specific treatments. At Oakhill we are happy to assist the wider veterinary community when needed. Using our services, when you need them, means that you can get on doing what you do best, looking after your own practice.

We will work with you to ensure that, at the end of their referral journey, your client is both happy and satisfied. We are always available to talk you through the most appropriate treatment options for your client and their pet. Our pre- and post-operative veterinary and client information is clear and easy to understand, our all-inclusive pricing structure makes it easy for you to discuss the, often tricky subject of cost.

Referrals we accept

We welcome the referral of cases in the following areas: