Fracture Fixation - Plate Fixation

Pre-Operative Information: Fracture Fixation - Plate Fixation Price: from £1,600 (including VAT @ 20%)

The treatment goal of fracture fixation is to restore the patient to normal function as quickly as possible. There are a number of ways of managing bone fractures, including; External Coaptation (such as a bandage or cast), External Skeletal Fixation (ESF), Plating (plate and screws) and Pins & Wires. Each can be used alone or in combination, the aim being to hold the fractured bone fragments still, stable and in their correct anatomical position while the process of fracture healing takes place.

Certain fractures (such as those of the pelvis, spine, jaw/skull and certain joints) can be complicated. While conventional x-rays are sufficient to conform a diagnosis in most cases, CT scans are particularly important when planning for such complicated surgeries. We are currently unable to offer these procedures at Oakhill, but are happy to discuss these cases and direct you to a Specialist who can help.

Plates are like internal splints that hold the broken pieces of bone together. They are attached to the bone with screws. The implants used are made from stainless steel and titanium, which are durable and strong. Plates may be left in place after healing is complete, or they may be removed (in select cases).

What is included?

At Oakhill Vets we strive to ensure our orthopaedic surgeries are ‘all inclusive’ and so INCLUDE the following:

  • Prehabilitation consultation in our state-of-the-art Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC)
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood screen (as required)
  • Hospitalisation (up to 24 hours)
  • Intravenous fluids during the anaesthetic and surgery
  • General Anaesthesia / Sedation
  • Surgery (including implants)*
  • Post-operative medication (for up to three weeks)
  • 24-hour post-operative laser / cold-pack treatment / physiotherapy
  • Week one post-operative rehabilitation consultation and rehabilitation plan (in the ARC)

*Fractures are often injuries caused by severe trauma and so are commonly not found in isolation. Fractures are rarely immediately life threatening and so it is important that a thorough assessment of the patient is made before embarking on fracture fixation surgery. The cost of fracture repair does not include stabilisation of the patient and/or treatment of other injuries, which may require additional diagnostics, treatments and/or prolonged hospitalisation.


What is not included?

Post-operative x-rays are advised around 6-8 weeks post-operatively. These are not included in the price of the surgery. Post-operative complications are not common, but are possible. While we endeavour to give you an up-front, all-inclusive estimate, when it comes to pets recovering from surgery there is unfortunately an element of unpredictability.

Treatments not included because of unexpected complications include (but are not limited to): 

  • Implant specific: Screw loosening, implant failure/infection and osteomyelitis
  • Non-union of fracture
  • Self-trauma by pet to surgical site
  • Post-operative wound infection
  • Post-operative fracture complications



We strongly advise rehabilitation in our Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) following this surgery. We offer patients that have had surgery at Oakhill an amazing and heavily discounted 12-week post-operative rehabilitation package. Please see our ARC price list for details.


Payment Options

Payment is expected in full at the time of consultation or upon discharge from Oakhill Vets. If your pet is insured we would request that you pay for your their treatment and claim the funds back from your insurance company. Once you have settled the cost of any treatment we can help you complete your insurance claim form(s) at no additional charge. Direct claims may be arranged with some insurance companies and are subject to a check with our referral coordinators prior to your appointment. An administration fee is chargeable each time a direct claim is carried out by our referral coordinators. If you have any concerns about payment then please contact us prior to your consultation.


Why choose Oakhill Veterinary Referrals?

Oakhill Vets is based in Windermere in the beautiful Lake District. We are happy to take referrals from clients further afield. Let our friendly, highly skilled and experienced team of Veterinary Surgeons and Registered Veterinary Nurses look after your pet while you relax and enjoy a short break in The Lakes. For more details please phone the practice and speak to one of our helpful referral coordinators on 015394 88555.